Monday, June 29, 2009

Layout Room

The first item of business is the layout room itself. For my layout, I will be utilizing the basement of my house. My basement is only underneath of one side of the house, for an approximate size of 22' x 27'. Here's a drawing from XtrkCad of the basement's walls, stairs and pole locations:

A few quirks about the basement are that there was an old bilco door and stairs down to the basement in the lower left side of the picture above, which is currently marked storage. Also, on the right side, at the bottom of the drawing, the black box is the location of the water meter. The stairs come down from right to left, i.e., the bottom of the stairs are at the water meter. Finally, in the top right there is a gas meter and shut-off. I'm trying to explore options on moving the meter from this location, preferably outside, if the cose isn't prohibitive. Outside of that, whatever plan I come up with, I will need 36" of space from the stairs to the furnace/water heater area for when they need to be replaced/repaired. The walls depicted around that area do not actually exist right now, I was just playing with how much space I should leave around that area for maintenance purposes.

I have come up with a few layout ideas/plans/sketches utilizing only the right side of the space, with some overflow for staging, however, each one of those blocks the gas meter, which I'm still trying to determine if a) my designs would allow for a "removable" section in that corner and b) is what appears to be a shutoff a primary or secondary shutoff. While I would love to have a workbench area, I'm dedicated having one as my wife does crafts and has a "craft" room elsewhere in the house that has cutting boards and desk area that I could use (if she let me) for my work (except painting).


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