Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ZTS in Hand, More Planning Ahead

Yesterday I finally got my Conrail Philadelphia Division, Zone 5 ZTS Book that I bought/won off of eBay. A ZTS, Zone Track Spots, book was, from my understanding, a Conrail phenomenon which laid out every single spur and spot for a car across the system. I haven't seen many offered for other railroads. These maps are much more detailed than standard track charts which usually just showed a siding or spur with one line, maybe two if you were lucky. It would show every industry spur and name the customer. Another feature is it shows the number of "spots", i.e., car loading/unloading positions on a spur which, thus, gives an idea on the number of cars for a particular industry. As a bonus, each and every single track in a yard was also detailed with it's prototype name and number. The ZTS maps in this volume cover a number of "zones" encompassing the following routes (including any branches off):
  • Harrisburg line from Royersford through Harrisburg
  • Reading line from around Alburtis to Reading
  • All the trackage in Reading
  • Buffalo line from Harrisburg to Keating
  • Line to York
  • Enola yard and its approaches
Of interest to me are zones 48 and 49 coverring from Wernersville to Landis and Derry to Dauphin, respectively. The main focus of my layout is Harrisburg through Lebanon. The one area I have struggled to even remotely get a representation of is Harrisburg yard and its various terminal operations, both TrailVan (TV) and switching yards. So what I think I will do is design each of the various areas of interest, i.e., layout design elements (LDE) starting with the Harrisburg TV terminal and work my way east. Hopefully, focusing on one area at a time will get me a good, operational (well, for Conrail) design and one I can start putting lumber towards by September.


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