Thursday, August 27, 2009

Base LDE Layout/Areas

So after reexamining the basement, looking at both the layout's needs, my own, and landlord (i.e., wife's) needs for the basement, I've decided to scale back some and go with my original idea of just using one half o the basement for the majority of the layout. I will still bleed into the other half slightly, but it'll be for staging tracks and the dispatcher/work desk. So, here is my revised LDE plan for level one:

As one can see, not much has changed other than the elimination of Swatar/Brownstone. I may try and get some semblance of it in the turnback blob, just not sure. Also, the amount of space that Harrisburg TV occupies is reduced. I originally had almost 8 foot long tracks here, but after examining how many trains terminate AND are moved over to the terminal it was mostly 1 block of 4 or 5 that gets moved, so you're talking only about 2 feet worth of cars to block/load/switch so that area could obviously be smaller. Hopefully this pulls the rest of the yard around enough that more of the Harrisburg station can be done.

Here is the revised plan for the upper level:

Not much has changed other than the quarry at CP Millards and Palmyra LDEs have been shrunk. Depending on how much of the quarry complex I can get into that straight, everything make be shifted towards the helix and Myerstown dropped, but we'll see. I've come to the conclusion that my interchange/industrial yards don't need to be of huge lengths based on the trains I'm running. I think I had in previous plans almost 8' of interchange track lenghts for the quarry. I should be able to get by with half that and still have good operations. I do have to add the coal pit, so that may take back some of the saved real estate, but we'll see. If the quarry ends up having to be moved, the Annville/Cleona LDE will most likely be removed, as opposed to dropping Myerstown just because there's some nice farm scenery east of Lebanon that I think would add to the Layout.

My next steps are to try and design each LDE separately and post for comments/suggestions going forward. I know I will be attempting to clean up the basement either this weekend or next and hopefully get some base framing up in the basement during September.


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