Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Basement "Finish" Options

This is a non-"Look at this design" post and I'll ask this question on a few forums as well, but what are people's experiences with "finishing" the layout room? The reason I ask is that in my case, depending on how I finish out my basement (if at all) I can take away anywhere from 2 to 6 inches from each wall. Here are my basement "parameters"
  • Block Wall foundation
  • French Drain with a system like this around the bottom
  • 2 "windows" at the top of the walls
  • Both the water and gas meters along portions of the wall
  • Exhaust stacks for the heater going outside
I'm leaning towards 2x2 furring strips mounted to the block wall around the perimeter with bead board insulation in between, however, I've heard of about 100 different ways of doing this from putting bead board insulation (3/4") down first then putting on the furring strips and the other (1 1/2") insulation between them to using plastic wraps, etc. Just seeing if the few people that read this blog have any suggestions.


Site said...

I would go with a system like this:
which sounds like what you are leaning towards

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to get a good dehumidifier. No matter how water tight to try to make it moisture gets in. If you have the height available an elevated subfloor is a good idea too. There are commercial solution like I would definitely seal/reseal the floor before putting anything down.

Phil D said...

Yeah, that system is definitely the way I'm leaning, just to implement everyones got some slightly different way of doing it. Like that system uses a vapor barrier below and above (something I've also heard). I've seen that subfloor product at our local Lowe's and if I have the funds, I'll definitely put it in as I'm also looking at possible rubber flooring as well.

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