Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hershey Layout Design Element

As the layout area takes shape, I've gone back and started doing some alterations to the plan. I've decided to start on the edges, Hershey and Harrisburg, and work towards the center. The first thing I did in redoing the plan was to start with the Hershey Main Plant/Silos area. This area also includes the north yard, where set outs and pickups were made by one of the ALHB trains. The yard was the area for sorting cars for their destinations, either the silos, the main plant (extraction), Reese's plant or Hershey West. Today, the Silos are no longer used and the main plant is losing its manufacturing function in the next year as more work is moved to either Hershey West or other plants (some overseas). During Conrail's day, this area had 3 other buildings as well to server, which I've decided to not model. There were two more warehouses near the yard as well as an additional facility between the main plant and the Reese's plant. For my purposes, Hershey will be the main plant, the silos, and the yard. The Reese's plant and Hershey West will be the Swatara/Brownstone area. Here is a map of Hershey, Pa, marked with what the LDE will represent.

View Hershey, Pa. in a larger map

As I stated above, my representation of Hershey concentrated on the yard, the silos, and main plant. I also added the run-around opposite the yard as this was used to double-end the switchers since there are a lot of trailing point switches in this complex as well as the other plants. Also, during Conrail's days, this area was referred to as CP Derry for the crossovers between the mainlines as well as the siding switches. Below is the plan to represent this area of Conrail's Harrisburg Line.
From Conrail Harrisburg Line

I tried to put the main on a slight angle to the aisle to result in some curvature to give the feel of the S-curve through the Hershey complex, as can be seen here and here. For reference, each dot in the plan is 2" and each grid line is 1'. This is probably the first plan of Hershey that I'm actually please with. The yard is large enough to accommodate the cars to be left for the plants, the narrowing of the aisle allows for the silos to not push the main plant complex too far back into the backdrop and the use of #5s and some 12-13" radius for the plant tracks themselves allows this to fit on 15-18" wide shelf.

Next up is the Harrisburg yard and station area.


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