Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Dilemma: Placing the yard and station

Now that I've got the base of the layout area done, it's on to finalizing a plan I can build the benchwork around. In a previous post, I had shown the LDE for the Hershey plant. I've since finished up the design for the Reese's and Hershey West plants as well, although I may change the Reeese's from a trailing point to facing point, unlike the prototype. I have also done the Harrisburg yard and station area.
One of the signature elements of the Harrisburg yard itself is the fuel pad as can be seen in these pictures. There is also a fuel pad between the two mainline tracks so even trains that don't stop at Harrisburg can refuel and change crews (which is a nice touch to model for operations). Below is my plan for the first level so far:

From Conrail Harrisburg Line

What I'm struggling with a little bit is what to do with the end of the peninsula and the Amtrak station area. I've thought about swinging around the station so it's on the peninsula, thereby extending the yard area and having a little more freedom with the locomotive terminal and TrailVan area. If I did this, however, it would meant the 1st level is nothing more than the Hershey complex (which is really 3 different industries) and the Harrisburg complex. I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions.


GHs said...

I would move the Amtrak station due to the lone fact that you always want to have a "to big" of a yard instead of a one that isn't of size. It helps a lot in operating sessions especially if you want to run long trains. Hope this helps!

Phil D said...

I actually found an old yard design I did a while back based on some of the N scale layouts on the LDSIG site (mostly Mark Lestico's influenced designs) that will fit in the area and allow for the Amtrak station to be where it is at for the most part. One other thing, based, on a discussion on the Railwire forums on my design, was the "double-ended" fuel pads which I'm leaning towards doing so EB/WB don't block like trains trying to get into the yard.

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