Sunday, July 11, 2010

Layout Progress - July 11, 2010

Yesterday I attached some shelf standards and brackets and used scraps of 3/4 Maple plywood and Maple I had left over from a few furniture projects. I played around with heights and such. Here's pic of the setup.

From Conrail Harrisburg Line

The heights came out to be:
  • 1st Level - 40"
  • 2nd Level - 56"
  • 3rd Level - 70"
I felt 40" was a good height for the yard to be operated at. The 2nd level was the more difficult one to adjust as it is at a height that I can reach my arm to without going above the horizontal. I also went through as many of my Dad's Model Railroad Planning and Great Model Railroads he had to look at "shelf layouts". I also was looking to see if he had Lin Westscott's How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork. Unfortunately, he had the 1979 version, and what I had seen referenced on many forums wasn't in it, so I'm guessing it was in the 2nd edition released in 1996. Anyways, I saw some things in there plus had a few forum and IM discussions and this is the along the walls profile I am going to attempt to have for the layout.

From Conrail Harrisburg Line

As you can see, I plan to use 2x2s on top of the shelf brackets. This will let me drill holes to run wires. Also, the brackets I have for most of the shelves are 12.5" for the 15" wide shelves. This will give me 2.5" to put the lighting for the 1st and 2nd level on the 2nd and 3rd level's support structure, respectively. For the peninsula, I'm thinking of using the method described here by Bruce Faulkner on his CSX Shenandoah Subdivision and further described here on Jamie's CSX Dixie Line. Now, all I need to do is buy some more brackets and standards and start ripping the left over 2x4s into 2x2s to get started.


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