Monday, July 5, 2010

Layout Progress - July 5, 2010

As I had hoped, I got the third wall done this morning, complete with blocking and anchored to the floor. Here are two pics of the "completed" layout room:

From Conrail Harrisburg Line

The picture above is the wall I put up this morning. Its length is about 10' 9 1/2". The picture below shows all the stud walls I plan to build for the layout room.

From Conrail Harrisburg Line

The total room size, when looking at just the walls comes out to 17' by 10' 9 1/2". There's an extra foot to a foot-and-a-half off the ends of the wall as well as the alcove at the bottom of the stairs that is about 7' by 40", but does contain the water meter so it's use is limited.


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