Sunday, October 17, 2010

Layout Progress - October 17, 2010

I had a very busy Sunday as I took the table saw and miter saw and went outside to rip some wood for two bracket prototypes, a 1x2 and some 1x3s.

The genesis for the brackets was from the following article I found on building brackets for shelves. Each bracket is made by ripping a 2x4 into 3 pieces. I have a few scraps of wood left over and decided to try to build 2 different brackets, one for the stud walls on the outside of the room, and one that could anchor shelves on either side of the wall in the middle of the room. Here's a picture of the one against the outside wall.
I think this one turned out pretty well. Cutting the angle on the side arms was a little hard because I don't have a long miter push for the table saw and I didn't make a jib like the gentleman in the article did. The good thing the rest of my shelves around the layout are all 12" in depth so I can use the resulting measurements from this one for all the others. One thing I will have to do on the next one is pre-drill all the holes for the screws. I didn't split the wood on this one, but I can see it happening. The next one up was the double sided bracket. Here's a picture of the one I built.
I didn't like the way this turned out. Doing both ends was pretty difficult. I had thought of doing this for the peninsula as well, however, I'm not sure anymore. What makes it a little more difficult here is the fact it's mounted to 2x6s. Since it is mounted to a 2x6, I'm thinking I can make 2 of the brackets I showed in the first picture back to back, possibly with one side at a depth like it's mounting to a normal 2x4 and the other side slightly less. This way, i could use a screw to go throw the stud to the other side of the bracket. I may have to play around with it.

I also ripped some 1x3s which I then attached to the front of the 2x2s I placed on the shelf brackets last weekend. I still have a few left for the other side, but here's a photo of what I've attached.
I also have to add a strip to the front of the 2x2s at the right of the photo for where the locomotive shop juts out some from the rest of the yard area. Once I get all of these in place, then I'll drill holes for wire channels, just have to figure out the appropriate drill bit for that one.

The goals for this week are to purchase and cut the wood needed for the center peninsula. I'm planning to build it by borrowing some ideas on building shelving units out of 2x4s. It should have two shelves, each 18.5' wide, with leg supports on the outside. I plan to have these leg supports every 3 feet with the L-girders I built previously mounted on top as well as a 1x2 running down the middle for the support for the peninsula upper deck bracing. I think once all the primary benchwork is in, I'll start to have a better feel for the space in general.


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