Friday, October 1, 2010

Princeton Junction Convention - Day 1

So I got home a little while ago after spending the first day of the MER convention, aptly named Princeton Junction. I was able to visit two layouts prior to check-in at the hotel, met a few people I've heard on the Model Railcast and talked with on forums and then got a chance to operate on John Rahenkamp's Clairmont, Lewiston & Western. Tomorrow is going to be a mix of clinics and layout tours. Also, since I took the day off and before I headed up, I did some design work on the new layout plan. Here's the yard, which I decided to do first then fill in around it. I'm hoping as I view more layouts and meet more people this weekend, I can begin to put the pieces together on the plan and finally start major building. I know I've already learned a few things in the 3 layouts I've visited, so I'm anxious to see more, learn more, and, hopefully, apply it all.


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