Monday, November 15, 2010

Layout Progress - November 15, 2010

So it's been quite awhile since my last update post. This doesn't mean I haven't been working on the layout, just haven't taken the time to document where I'm at with things. Last time, I had built two prototype shelf brackets for the second level. I realized these would take forever to build, so I scrapped that idea. At the same time, I found a listing on Craig's List for some cabinet grade plywood pieces, about 40% of sheet size, for $4-$5 per piece. Needless to saw, I bought a bunch and ripped them into pieces for the benchwork. Here are some photos as I went through the process of ripping the plywood and how it filled up the existing shelves:

After doing this, I then started building the second level benchwork, essentially building a C out of 1x3s mounted to the sides of the stud walls. Here's a really poor picture of the resulting effort along one wall:
Each bracket is glued and screwed to the stud, making the bond surprisingly strong. I had to take the hammer to the other two types of brackets I had put up last month to get them off with just the glue holding them to the studs. I don't have a picture, but I've put these up all around the room, so the second benchwork shelf brackets are up. Yesterday I built 5 more legs for the peninsula, free standing portions of the layout, similar to this leg:
An L-girder is mounted between the two legs with cross braces of 1x2s holding them as close to square as possible. I've also bought a number of bolt inserts and elevator bolts to help in leveling the benchworks and giving me the addition 1" of height I'm expecting.
I then made one of two 155" L-girders using the plywood I had ripped. The L-girder isn't as "stable" as I'd like, but I'm waiting to see how it is on top of the legs before evaluating whether my idea of shorter sections was good or not. Essentially, I ripped 45" lengths of 1x4 and 2" pieces of plywood, for the side and top respectively, and then staggered them to form the L-girder. I did put bracing between the side pieces but it still feels a little wobbly so we'll see. The more important thing is once I build the second one, I need to clear out all the crap I have in the center of the room so I can put the peninsula up and it will really look like I'm making progress. I've got some other news, which I'll put in another post, on the "focus" of the layout, but I need to finalize some details of it as well as update/verify the layout plan to see if what I want to do will actually work.


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