Monday, November 29, 2010

Layout Progress - November 29, 2010

Last week I had built the base for what I'm calling the right peninsula. Over the course of the week, I built a jig to help in building the support posts and joists for the free-standing areas. Here's a picture of that jig:

I then tested this out building one support/joist combination:

Once I felt comfortable with this, I built the other 9 needed for the peninsula. I then cut all the wood I would need for each of the remaining peninsulas and supporting 1x2s. I managed to build the rest of the L-girders and 2x2s for the top plates. I then worked on building the spine for the peninsula. Yesterday afternoon, the first section of free standing benchwork was completed.

The legs are 2x4s with an L-girder across there tops and 1x2s for cross braces. The peninsula has 4 of them, each spaced 44" apart. Two more L-girder run across the tops of the legs, pointing inwards. By pointing the L-girders inwards, I get the added stability of the base platform. The actual benchwork to support each level are 2 1x2s laminated as the support post and 3 1x3s attached. Each is glued and screwed to the support post. Running across the bottom is a 1x2 which is attached to each support post and joist. Across the top are 2 1x2s laminated together and screwed into each post and joist as well. The bottom 1x2 is screwed into each leg's L-girder. Hopefully this week I can build the other two free-standing sections and begin putting the 1x3s across the front to tie all these together. Oh, and my plan on the height of everything was to get 2 of those plastic storage tubs under the layout. I completely forgot about a tool cart and cooler on wheels I had. Luckily, the layout is high enough to roll them underneath.

Look for what I hope to be a everything's up and ready for subroadbed post next week.


Micky said...


You have been working hard.

Can't wait for the next bit now!

Jamie in Lilburn, Georgia, USA said...

Nice! Good start.

Bruce said...

I think I've seen that benchwork somewhere else, but I can't quite place where. ;-)

Seriously, the benchwork looks good. I had a lot of fun building mine--especially with the ready visual feedback of progress. I've been happy with this benchwork technique. But by adding the wider base to support the peninsula uprights, you've made the one modification I'd consider if I ever build another layout.

Keep up the good progress!

Phil D said...

Thanks guys. Bruce, with yours and Jamie's setup, I didn't think I'd have as much usable space under the layout to store things like the big plastic tubs or the cooler. So I borrowed what I saw an HO layout locally here doing with their double-deck benchwork and combined their support structure with your techniques for the peninsula and C/E bracket design. I really liked the way it went up and you are right, the visual progress is great. I also liked the "assembly line" feel to it. I could bang out the shelf assemblies at night and assemble on the weekends. It also let me precut everything as well.

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