Friday, November 19, 2010

Thinking City Locations

 Last night, since I was still a little sleep deprived from Wednesday night, I figured it would be easier for me to do some design thoughts rather than go down into the basement and try and make things square. Essentially, I placed "towns" on the areas I would expect them to be on my plan. Here's the layout as of right now:

Labels in blue are on the lower level, and purple the upper level. The reality is, on this line, generally, there are two primary industries to serve, chemical plants and coal plants. I'll probably add some other smaller industries, like a stamping/small auto parts facility and possibly a paper/wood products company or associated type industries in Summersville or Richwood with maybe warehouses in Charleston. Here's a break down of the general industries/purpose of each "town", starting at the helix on the left, which comes up from staging.

First Level:
  • Nitro - Chemical Plants everywhere (about 4 different ones) on the prototype and some yard facilities, probably do 1 small and 1 medium size plant here.
  • Institute - Chemical Plant - prototype had a Union Carbide plant including delivery of coal for cogeneration from the Hiltop branch which connects in Charleston
  • Charleston - A few small industries on the prototype, will probably put the auto parts plant here and a few other box car facilities as well as an Amtrak station
  • Port Amherst - will be the site, as on the prototype, of a coal to barge transfer if I decide to not just have empty running
  • Belle - DuPont chemical plant, massive and will be the signature large industry on the layout.
  • Charleston TV/Dickinson - Main classification yard with engine service facilities and small intermodal yard, probably one or two tracks no more than 40". The TV yard is not on the prototype, but hey, neither is the line continuing past Cornelia either or NYC buying the Virginian and not the N&W
Into the Helix up to the ...

Second Level
  • Alloy: Union Carbide metals plant
  • Deep Water: Bridge for the Roanoke Line (ex. Virginian), which will go through the backdrop and around to a "junction" at the top of the helix down to staging
  • Gauley Bridge/Peters Jct.: Interchange with CSX's line to Clifton Forge and shortlines, primarily the NF&G, to mines. Possible Amtrak Station as well
  • Gilboa - this is a Beth Energy mine for Burns Harbor traffic and is a loop loader so on the layout the main will go hidden under the loop and mine complex
  • Cornelia - not sure I'm going to follow the prototype and have a branch or just put the mine along the main, probably the latter
  • Summersville - first town on the "what-if" line, will probably move it more around the corner and a few lumber related industries
  • Richwood - last line, a few small industries, not sure if putting an Amtrak Station here or Summersville
Staging, under the first level, about 26" off the floor - 10 double ended tracks with 3 "slots" in each, 1 through with return loop for continuous running. That's at least how I'm going to start laying down track on the plan and we'll see what fits, how close things are, etc.


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