Sunday, January 23, 2011

Layout Progress - January 23, 2011

Happy New Year everyone! It's been over a month since my last post and while there were a few steps back, progress has been made on the benchwork construction. After having a few people comment on the closeness of the tops of my peninsula supports to my HVAC, I trimmed the tops of the 10 supports closest to the ducts. I then started to rebuild those sections. After really looking at my staging plan, I decided to redo it and just go with looped staging down the dead-end peninsula on the other side of the basement. Here's the plan so far:
As a result of this, I rebuilt four supports to account for the 18"/19" of support needed for the throat area of the staging yard. With the holidays and such, it took me a little bit of time to do all this rebuilding. I had also been putting up the front bracing across the layout. I've made pretty good progress and really only have the areas I took down to rebuild to put the bracing on. The other item I have left to do is the supports for the staging loop on the middle wall side (bottom right in the picture above). 

I've also started taking off the top joist on my peninsula supports. I started looking at the vertical separation and realized I was at about 11 1/2" between the middle joist and the top joist. I believe I had originally come up with these separations when I thought I would be putting staging on top of the layout and didn't want to risk limited space between the top joist and the ceiling. As I looked and started to mock some things up, height wise, I realized that that is probably not going to be a good separation, especially for a mountainous railroad. So, after looking at some other layouts and photos I took of multi-deck layouts, I realized I didn't need a "permanent" valence, so I started taking the joists down.  I'm already like the small section I did. I may leave the valence on around the walls, however, since I'm unsure if my C bracket will be as strong if I make it an inverted L-bracket. Well, here are pics of the 5 main aisle-ways.
Right-side aisle with yard area on the right.
Front aisle. You can see the valence posts gone.

Non-staging dead-end aisle.

Left aisle

Staging aisle
For the rest of this week and this upcoming weekend, my goal is to get the front bracing up and done, including the supports for the turn-back loops. I'm hoping I can find a truck to borrow and get some decent weather so that I can get plywood and start on subroadbed or hardboard for the backdrops for this coming weekend.


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