Thursday, February 17, 2011

Layout Progress - February 17, 2011

Call this the one step forward, two steps back update. As you may have noticed, I haven't updated the site on progress much this year. Quite frankly, it was from a lack of anything substantial to report. For some reason, after the holidays and all the family stuff was over, I was not motivated to go down into the basement to work on the layout, even though I was so close to being ready to lay subroadbed. It kept gnawing at me on why this was the case. This past weekend I finally faced the music on why, the layout was too large for myself and too large for what the family needs from the basement.

Our house does not have a garage and the only additional storage available to me, at this moment, is a shed that's already filled with outdoor items. As winter took hold, some of the outside things that should be kept inside and out of the elements made their way downstairs. At first, these things were put off to the side or stuffed in a corner. After putting up Christmas lights, they were moved around to various other parts of the basement. As I started work on redoing the staging area, all of this extra stuff in addition to what was already down there, kept getting in the way. I realized I spent more time moving things around then actually building anything. I also realized that even though the drawn up plan said I'd have enough space for my table and miter saws to actually use, I found I didn't. So with that, I took my cordless drill and disassembled the two peninsulas/free-standing sections that allowed the layout to grow to far side of our basement. As you can see, the "left peninsula" and long area by the stairs are no more.

So this also meant a refocus on the layout plan. I honestly used someone's plan as the basis for my new design as they were kind enough to send it to me when I asked. I also took bits and pieces of other plans I've seen elsewhere, including Model Railroaders' current series of Bay Junction for the junction town for the mine branch as well as borrowing something Tony Koester did for his Allegheny Midland with the Coal Fork Extension by having the branches "continue" past their on-layout tipples, effectively double the number of mine runs possible. I've updated the Design page with the latest plan which I'll work towards. I am tinkering with a slight modification in that instead of staging being out in the open and using a helix to transition between decks, staging would be on a shelf below the layout and the transition between decks would be through a series of on layout loops over a "peninsula" created against the wall with the support posts (left-side of the design). So now it's onwards with some reconstruction to connect the remaining peninsula with the helix base, complete the helix base and then on to starting to run some main wires and going from there.


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