Sunday, March 27, 2011

Layout Progress - March 27, 2011

I didn't get much more in the way of construction done on the layout, however, after talking with a few guys who have built multi-deck layouts, I decided to paint/prime the 2nd level. I was told that this would help in the lighting of the lower deck by reflecting the light back down. I spent the last few days of the week and some time this weekend priming the second level. Here are some photos:

There are just 2 layers of primer on the plywood but I think that should be good enough. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably prime prior to putting the 2nd level structure up. I also tweaked the 1st level layout design. Here's an updated plan:

I removed the power plant and put in a chemical facility. I also started to cut the hardboard for the backdrop. I'm hopeful to get that done over the course of this week and the upcoming weekend.


Jamie in Lilburn, Georgia, USA said...

I love the smell of fresh benchwork in the morning!

Phil D said...

Yeah, the primer smell is counteracting the smell of the benchwork and the hardboard. I've had the hardboard down there for 2 weeks now and it definitely has a certain odor to it.

NS-CRE said...

Enjoying your progress reports. Your line, based on the West Virginia Secondary, would connect with my CR&E at Charleston, WV. In my world, NS/CR&E has trackage rights over Conrail from Charleston to Columbus. In return, Conrail has trackage rights over the NS/CR&E to Roanoke and beyond.

Phil D said...

Thanks Marcus. I did see that traffic flow on your site. I think I'm going to go from Charleston eastward on a what-if the WV Secondary had actually been built across the mountains to the Shenandoah Valley and reached the Potomac. The C&P was a moniker I was using to reflect my railroading interests, Coal and Pigs, but I can easily turn that into the Charleston and Potomac. I'm just trying to figure out the route and then relay that to a modeled part as it relates to the design.

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