Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Layout Plan Update

I've updated the Layout Plan. I've decided the first level is going to be my industrial level, much like the current West Virginia Secondary is heavily laden with industry west of Dickinson yard, mostly chemical plants represented by the ones at Belle and Nitro. I also put a Brewery at South Charleston because, well, we all need a brewery on the layout. In addition, there's a small TV yard at the edge of Dickinson Yard and the town of Kanawha Junction is to represent Nitro and Gauley Bridge with the major industry representing the Silicon Metal Smelter in Alloy. I've decided the top level will have maybe one more larger industry, like a paper mill, and the rest will be mountain climbing and a coal loadout or two (and perhaps a few branches coming in as well. As I finish up a number of house projects, I'll get to tinkering with that plan and post it as well as maybe getting downstairs and finishing up the backdrop construction.


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