Monday, August 1, 2011

Still Here But Stuck in a Bathroom and Bedroom

Just a quick update. I'm still here but as the summer has gone, I"ve been doing lots of DIY housework which has allowed me zero time in the basement to work on the layout. I took almost 3 weeks of vacation over the summer thinking I could get all the things I"m doing around the house done in 2 of them and spend the other 1 relaxing and working on the layout. Needless to say, I should've taken 4 to get all the stuff done around the house! Anyways, I probably won't start on the layout again until late August or Labor Day weekend. The good news is, during my downtime from demolition on the bathroom and bedroom and the subsequent building up of insulation and drywall, I've gotten a decent revamp of the plan to make it simpler yet still operationally interesting. Hopefully when I get back to the layout, I can have a much better vision of where I want the layout to go so I can start putting down some track.


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