Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Motivated

It's always good to find something to re-energize yourself in this hobby. This past weekend I attended the NJ Division's meet which was only a town or two over from me. While I missed one of the clinics due to finishing up some house stuff, I was able to catch another and peruse some of the offerings at the swap tables and just take in the whole atmosphere of the local meet as it was my first time attending one. I then had the opportunity to take my wife and daughter around to two of the layouts open afterwards, to show them, one, this is what I'd like to do in the basement, but also to show them where I go that one day a month. Thankfully, the guys at that layout didn't say "Who are you? I've never met you" because that could've been awkward. I also went to two other layouts as well after I took them both home for my daughters nap.

I remember last year coming back from the Mid-East Region's Convention in Princeton having the same motivation and getting a lot of the benchwork for the layout up. I had hoped to go to this years in convention to get the same motivation and see a couple of great layouts, but unfortunately my  trip to North Carolina will have to be reserved for this upcoming weekend and a technology conference.

While I had been very motivated last year and put up lots of benchwork, it's been quite a bit of waffling since then. I've probably put up and taken down more supporting benchwork than most people who build multiple layouts have, but then again, I guess I can consider what I've done the past year my "chainsaw" layouts, I just didn't have any track to take up too. The other thing I paid attention to was during these visits was use of space. Two of the layouts were in finished basements that were very well done, while the other two weren't, they were just in basements. One of these was a little more partitioned then the other, but again, I didn't feel the aesthetics were any less in those than  the other two when looking at and examining the layout themselves. And since I operate on one of the layouts regularly that's in an unfinished basement, you again don't notice the lack of finished ceiling and such too much when running the railroad.

So what does all this have to do with anything? Well, I've been back down in the basement, cleaning things up, making some measurements to see if potential changes could fit, etc. It also motivated to get moving on the bathroom and bedroom I was stuck in before as I'm almost done the bedroom and the bathroom has a ceiling again and one wall. Doing a little bit here and there, I'm hopeful all of that can be completed in the next few weeks and then in October I can get back to the layout since time will be short come January for me.


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