Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hold the Phone - Finding Inspiration at 1 AM

I was looking through some updates of other layouts and MRP after MNF last night and had an ahah moment so ignore everything I've said in my last few posts. I've been inspired by Shaun and his layout and staging loop. I was at the point over the last few days I was ready to just tear everything down and look at building something quick, easy and cheap. Looking at Shaun's layout, I was contemplating dropping to a single level around the walls with center peninsula and a lift-out and staging underneath. Well, in trying not to upset my wife and dismantle everything I've done, I've figured out I don't need the lift-out and can still have the multi-level layout. I just need to reverse the bottom part of the G shape of the layout, like this plan I had drawn up for a single level layout:

I'll add a 3rd loop to the inside of the helix that will be used strictly to connect staging yards going down, like the staging yard on Model Railroader's MR&T on each level, 4" or so below the primary trackwork and entered on the left-bottom. This arrangement will actually allow me to close off the layout room from the workshop/woodshop side of the basement. I'm going to play some with the entrance/exit of the helix to make sure the curvature and arrange doesn't look too funky since the staging loop will be the inside track.


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