Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Train Legnths

So in part of my re-examining the layout, I went back to my trusted XTrackCad to do some train length viewing. I chose a typical Amtrak train, coal train, a few intermodal train mixes, auto parts train, generic box car and tank car sets.

Clicking on the picture will give you a bigger picture of it so that you can also see the labels. I had always done 8 feet as the max train size. Looking above, it looks like a unit train of tank cars would be my largest train at 7 1/2 feet. Now, I'm not sure if 15 60' box cars is a good measurement or not, something I'll probably have to go down into the basement and pull out some cars to take a look. I remember doing this before, and 8 feet is what I had for the coal train, which I was using to set the standard length, but I also think I added at least one more engine on it, which would probably be more prototypical for a loaded coal train. So in quick closing, it looks like my 8' train length is a good measurement to build any staging or A/D yard tracks off of.


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