Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Option Removed

Well, as is life, something comes up that helps to narrow benchwork profiles down. I had been playing with a single-level plan that would require a lift-out section to enter the layout and a section that could be removable to get to the storage side since I probably only go there to get decorations or a tool or two every now and then. Well, also on that side is our furnace and hot water heater. The image below shows how i have my current benchwork, minus any helix:

Well, Thursday we had to get our hot water heater replaced. The unit was apparently built in 1994 and it wasn't functioning all that great. Also, whichever of the previous owners replaced the furnace did not do the exhaust correctly and we had downdrafts back into the basement and up through the return into our house at times. I had kept getting whiffs of what I thought was gas, but more like the stuff you smell when you drive by a refinery or something like that. Regardless, the gas company came out and said between the age of the unit and the improper ventilation they recommended at least doing the exhaust and suggested we were only buying up to 6 months before the unit would eventually need to be replaced. I should note also, every now and then it just didn't seem to operate well.

Anyways, what it showed me was one, if I had closed off that side and made getting to it a required through the layout, I'd be risking damage to the layout with the guys needed to move it back to that side. Also, the more room at the bottom of the stairs, the better off the installation and removal would be. They were very professional and the guy saw all my benchwork and said "Model Railroader, huh?" and proceeded to ask me about what scale and such. I guess when you have enough experience going into people's basement, you can tell that stuff right off the bat, especially with no track there. So, that makes it a little more clearer on what kind of flow/benchwork I should be doing in the basement to meet real-life needs versus my modeling/operation one.


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