Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Layout Plan Updated

I finalized the plan late last night. I would appreciate any feedback on it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yard Design - Part 2

So I spent the latter half of last week and Saturday finalizing a yard design plan. I'll be honest, this one I copied/modified from a blog I follow, The Little Rock Line. Allen had posted his yard redesign a few weeks back. I had asked him it's size in a comment and he replied with a blog post on it and the train lengths he was able to generate/service within the yard. I had about as long, if not a tad longer, space but it was also thinner. So I started with his schematic and photos and started to apply the concepts to my area. Here is the resulting design:

As you can see, there is now 357in. of classification space, a small station, a single A/D track and a small runner track from the A/D track back to the lead/loco servicing. Since all manifests will end here, I wasn't too worried about the lead looping around the corner. The other nice thing is if I ever expand towards the rest of the basement, I'd only have to straighten out the yard tracks and the runner could be extended as a second A/D track so there's some expandability built into the design as well. One of the other items I've been playing with is establishing an operations plan. Since I'm designing for operation, I'd like to have the concepts down to test out some running in XTrackCad to make sure the design is fluid enough.


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