Monday, November 26, 2012

Sandy and Waffling

So as most of you know, New Jersey, New York, and other parts of the Northeast experienced Superstorm Sandy late last month. While my house only suffered a few loose roof shingles and the loss of power for a few days, the benchwork once again became/still is a refugee of the items in my basement. Right now there are tools and wood for my daughter's furniture all over it. Obviously, that's one project that does need to get done sooner then later but I've got off-days coming up to complete that, hopefully. The other thing is do I want to just rip down the existing benchwork and start over. I've done so much waffling on plans, one-level or two, where's staging going, etc., that I wonder if having a blank canvas would just be easier at this point. We'll see, hopefully it doesn't take me a year to get all the stuff off my benchwork like it did after Irene. Of course, if we keep having these types of storms, I may have to reconsider my storage space solutions in the basement as well.


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