Saturday, May 11, 2013

Multi-Pass Concept

So I mentioned in my previous long winded post that I had looked at the heavy industries served by Conrail in the Rust Belt region. I came up with the following types of industries from that general area:

  • Steel Mill of some kind
  • Auto Plant (Assembly or Stamping or both?)
  • Oil Refinery
The one that I thought was interesting was the Oil Refinery. Until watching The History Channel's The Men Who Built America series, I hadn't realized that the origins of oil in this country came from The Ohio/Pennsylvania area. Some one had said that at one time and I hadn't paid much attention to it. However, while doing research out in that area I found a number of larger refineries both in Ohio and Pennsy. I thought those types of industries were only in NJ or Texas or other port areas, not inland. Who kew?

So, combining the list above with a few other sections for modeling and I had 7 areas of the layout with 2 for the Yard and subsequent yard lead/industries around it, one for staging, and another one that will be the "filler" one, more on scenery but will have some operational aspect. Here is what I came up with from a concept effort:
The green locations would generally be "upper level" areas of the multi-pass while orange is on the "lower level". The pass around on the left would actually go behind a wall I have constructed to give an aisleway back to our gas meter. I figure a 3" wide strip there isn't going to hurt that aisleway. The inspiration for this type of plan came from one of the layouts I operate on here in South Jersey, the Raccoon Valley. It has a very similar layout as mine but a few more operating areas because it's much larger. We're talking 30 car trains in HO scale on some staging tracks. When you take a train across the layout it doesn't go by quickly. It is also double-track as are a number of others I operate on so I'm still weighing double-track or single-track. I go back and forth on it so that may not be decided until track meets roadbed.


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