Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changes Coming

This weekend I will have the house to myself. This will allow me to finish all the woodworking and other honey-do tasks I need to do. One of those is going to be cleaning/clearing the basement. This is because I've come to the realization that the double-deck layout is too compact/complex for me with the type of operations I've become to enjoy. One of the trends I've seen lately is the "terminal railroad" or modeling only a few miles of a line (proto or freelanced) but maximizing operational interests as a result. As a result of this, I'll most likely be pulling down the double-deck benchwork, resealing the concrete walls and then probably doing some kind of painting or covering the ceiling. I'm not going to finish the basement as adding another 400+ sq. ft. here in NJ is like adding another $500 to $1k in property taxes per year, something I'm not willing to take on for my hobby. The pic below is something I've been playing around with based on discussions with a number of the guys I operate with who have layouts of their own.

One thing you'll notice is the Steel area. I'm becoming more and more interested in this industry, how to model it and how it operates. There are industries here that represent typical traffic found on Conrail. I've got no specific area in mind to model, but this would be influenced by the industries and traffic found in the Dearborn division.


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