Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Plan and more

As of this past Sunday, the basement floor has been cleared of anything on it and mostly cleaned up but I should probably do another vacuum/mop of it. This came as the result of our sump once again not turning on and my wife happening to go down into the basement to get some milk out of the refrigerator down there. Had that not happened, who knows how much water would've been in the basement when we came back from our day full of activities. The good news is I had most of the basement cleaned anyways, I just happened to be able to call a bunch of friends over to help me remove the rest of the junk. Also, I've been attempting to get the first-level plan done because I'm at the point now I have enough wood, track, turnouts, and wire to get started on the next phase in this journey. I managed to play around with some things and extend the cover of the prototype line to Orrville, home of Smuckers (at least it used to be). This will let me use the corn syrup cars I originally bought for Hersehy here. I also found out that they received crushed grapes in these cars too. Who knew? A couple other hangups on industries in Alliance and the Republic Steel representation prevented me from getting everything figured out but with the help of Google Maps and Bing Maps, both of which should be an everyday tool for model railroaders like an Razor saw and soldering iron, I found the industries to model in the areas I had available. They won't match the prototype locations 1 for 1 but will in operational flexibility and hopefully some in actual appearance as best I can. Anyways, without further ado, here is the new, first-level plan:

One other item I discovered while researching the prototype, my railroad will essentially be 2 separate ones as only 1 train (to/from) will traverse the helix, COLT and LTCO. Most of the trains feeding the steel mill came from Haselton Yard in Youngstown and/or unit trains using the Youngstown Line from Pittsburgh and Ashtabula.


Welcome to the my Conrail Model Railroad site. I will document the research, design, construction and operations of my N-scale model railroad based on Conrail's Ft. Wayne Line in Ohio.

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