Friday, March 14, 2014

Risers and more Risers

I spent last night cutting risers, lots of them. I need something like 200 for the layout and cut up probably 70. But like I did before with the support structure, set up a quick jig, i.e., a piece of wood clamped to my mitre saw at 5" and started cutting up the left-over ripped 1x3s. Next up is to drill all the pocket hole in them. I have a Kreg Jig that I use in wood working and have gotten a lot of use out of it in a relatively short time (mostly fixing stuff I cut wrong or short o had the wrong wood for, but that's another story). My thinking is putting two risers on each cross-brace and screwing pocket holes up into the 1/2 plywood roadbed. I'm going to have to make sure everything is level and the like. I do need many more risers so I'm probably going to be buying a few 2' x 4'  handy panels of 3/4 plywood and ripping them into 1x3s for use in either riser construction or more supporting structures.


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