Thursday, May 29, 2014

Backdrops Up!

Over the 3-day weekend, I took one day and said I'm doing a bunch of things with the layout I need to get done. Well, that really turned into only 1 thing, putting up and/or cutting the backdrops I needed. After putting up all the remaining strips I had on hand, I went around, figured out how much more I needed then went over to my local HD and got 4 sheets of 1/8 Hardboard. Once home, I used my cordless circular saw and ripping guide and ripped the remaining items needed to width. The end result is about 75% of the backdrops are in place with the remaining hopefully being put up this weekend. Here are some photos of the installed ones:

The other item I've been working on is my car inventory. I'm glad I'm doing this as I will be jettisoning quite a few cars as a result of being out of era or not appropriate for the selected prototype operations. For example, I have a ton of Bathtub Gondolas which, while were ubiquitous on Conrail, they wouldn't have been on my line or used in delivery of Coal/Coke to the mill or coke plant, respectively.


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