Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update and 2nd Level Plan

Work keeps going slowly on the benchwork reconstruction. I've got all the pieces cut for the staging and steel mill complex. I only got a few up and will work this week on getting the rest up. I then played around with the 2nd level plan. The one thing I wanted to at least try to do is keep some resemblance of prototype setup as well as see if I couldn't reduce the upper level benchwork back down to 12 inches wide. The bottom level is 15" and so is the upper level around 2 of the 3 walls. It's 12" on the wall above what has always been the yard area. But before I took out the sawzall (which all the guys in my operating group say is my favorite benchwork building tool), I needed to make sure the plan would fit the reduced width. I came up with a slight compromise as only where the BOF and Continuous Caster are would I need to be 15" wide, due mostly to the width of these buildings or supporting structures like adhesive shed or scrap shed. Here's the resulting plan:


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