Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Layout

Happy New Year!!  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had contemplated whether or not I wanted to continue with the double deck layout or switch to a single deck. With addition of our 3rd child, I'm realizing space is at a premium in our house. As is time. I had one of those "talks" with myself and concluded that if I want to have something running or operating over the next year or so, it won't be a double deck layout. So, as of the day after Christmas, I started dismantling the benchwork. I've seen some people take a panoramic shot of their layouts on the 1st of each year. I think I'll start that this year as well. Here's my shot below:

Here are two other shots as well:

As you can see, the top level is gone completely as are all the backdrops. I'll probably remove the peninsula items later this afternoon and readjust the shelf brackets to the new base height of the layout, which I'm going to attempt to put the railhead around 53". I'm nominally 5'9" and according to the "proper layout height" diagram pervasive in the model railroading press, my preferred layout heights range from 52" to 41". Most of the layouts I operate on are somewhere in that range. The areas on the layouts I most enjoy operating on are on the higher side. Two in particular are set at 52" and the other's upper deck is 54" for railhead height. These are HO layouts so i think the 53" will be good in N scale as well.


Allen H. said...

I've got mine set at 52" and it might be a tad high as I'm about your height.
We had our modules at 50" +/- and they felt good to work on. I had planned mine to be around the same, but then I added a foam base and it pushed it up to 52".

Without the second level you will be able to have some nice tall backdrops at least.

Karl A. said...

50-54" is a good zone to be in. It is easy to work on, uncouple cars and gives a nice viewpoint. With 2 kids I find progress challenging, I wish you the best of luck this year!

Phil D said...

Thanks guys. I'm helping someone this upcoming weekend with an open house. His in on two levels but I want to see how tall the extension he built is to see. One thing different then the HO layouts is that, except for the steel mill, none of my benchwork will be wider then 18", and that's on the turnback. Everything else will be 12"-15" wide.

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