Monday, June 22, 2015

Seek Assistance

I was going to wait until everything is finalized, but I'm too excited to wait. When I was going to do the Harrisburg Line, I reached out to Bob Sprague right after he had his Hershey Plan published in Model Railroader. We didn't get very far before I kinda moved off in a different direction. Well, as I worked on some other things, I reached back out to Bob regarding whether he had any time to possibly come up with another plan for the Ft. Wayne Line between the Mansfield and Alliance areas. I sent him the stretch I was looking at and filled out some of the information on the questionnaire from his website. We're still going through the finishing touches but I can honestly say we've gotten further in this process then any of the many meanderings I've ever accomplished on my own. It is definitely going to fit the things I want in a layout in my last post as well as hold to the simplicity aspect/build-ability aspect that I definitely need. Can't wait to show the finished product in the next few weeks.


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