Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update - No PIcs

It's been a while since I've posted anything on my efforts. I have been trying to find time to get the basement cleaned up and organized. I had a November 1st deadline in mind for all of this and I'm getting close to completing it by then. In addition to getting the shelving and like together, I also needed to vacuum and clean the basement area. I was pretty good at vacuuming up sawdust and the like after doing woodworking projects but there is still some on top of boxes and under where the old layout was, I guess debris from taking it down and/or the mods I did way back when. Finally, I've ported Bob's plan over to XtrackCad and started layout out the benchwork configurations so I can start construction in the upcoming month or so. Hopefully the MER convention this weekend helps kick in the motivation (and the end of the kids' soccer season will help).


Mike McNamara said...

Thanks for your assistance with the op Session at the convention. Would not have been successful without you and Bruce there! Unfortunately this and attending the convention takes train time away from your efforts, but hopefully it leads to motivation for getting your own stuff done!

Phil D said...

Yes, but it helps as I begin to plan the construction, I can observe how others do it. For instance, I've been struggling with how to do scenery support and whether I should just do a flat table top with flatland scenery. But after looking closely at yours and Chris's over the MER convention weekend, I think I will do the "cookie cutter", with a 3/4" spacers above the grid followed by 1" foam for scenery. This will put a scale 3' of clearance between the roadbed and scenery base next to the tracks, not unreasonable considering my area of modeling was a heavy Pennsy mainline at one time.

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