Monday, November 23, 2015

Progress with Pics

So I was finally able to clean up the side of the basement the layout will be on. This included moving things to the center, sweeping then vacuuming up all the debris that had collected over the last few years. So here is my blank slate, once again:

This past weekend, I took the opportunity with my NFL team playing horribly to start on the construction along the walls. I decided I'd do the valance first since I wasn't sure I would really want or need one. I also wasn't sure the height it would end up at would work out. I did want to have a shelf above the layout, hidden by some masonite on the front to act as said valance. I was able to get one wall done in a little less then 30 minutes of work before family stuff moved in.

My thoughts are a 1x3 screwed to the front of the shelves then hardboard over that to give the valance a good look and somewhat hide the shelf. Before that happens though, I will most like begin migrating some of the wood laid out on the other side of the basement so I can fully disassemble the previous staging yard while constructing the rest of the benchwork. I'm looking forward to the 4-day weekend to see how far I can get with initial construction.


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