Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Takedown then Back Up, only better

So after sleeping on it and then taking another look this morning, I decided to remove the shelves and put up some masonite strips I had from the previous benchwork. Luckily, they were just the right height to go from the bottom of the standards up to the header 2x4 so I used them instead of buying more/cutting the larger pieces I had. First thing I did was take a few 1x3s and screw them below and touching the standards from before. I then laid the the hardboard on top of them (working alone) and screwed in the hardboard:

Once that was done, I went about putting the standards back up:

and then the shelves themselves, realigning so the fronts line up this time and one doesn't jut out from the other:

I must admit, it does look better that way. Luckily I have 3 more strips this wide which will give me the coverage I need, lest some corner work, for the other 2 walls,



Mike McNamara said...

Plus putting things up on that overhead shelf means nothing will fall down behind there, on or behind the layout area. Progress!

Phil D said...

Yeah, I was contemplating after putting them up the first time how I was going to do that. Figured it was easier just to take them down and redo it. Luckily I had those hardboard pieces on hand. Not sure what I would've done without them.

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