Sunday, February 14, 2016

50/50 and Walls Going Up

So I'm inching ever closer to make the jump full on to HO. The more I look at my inventory, the more it looks like the following:

  • 20% Locomotives
  • 20% Coal Hoppers
  • 20% Intermodal
  • 10% Passenger
  • 30% Rest of types covered hoppers or box cars or other freight
In reality, as I begin to liquidate the unneeded locomotives, Intermodal, and coal hoppers, I'm going to be left with making a rather large investment in more covered hoppers and auto parts boxcars. As such, I emailed back and for to a few friends an idea for a HO switching oriented but still got my continuous loop for mainline running track plan. Here is what we came up with:
Possible HO layout
As you can see, there's a small yard and two branches. A lift out or gate in the bottom left allows entrance into the layout area. Each branch has one large, very much spot oriented industry and a few other smaller ones. There's also a switching area along the wall on the opposite side of the yard and a small engine terminal in the yard. My thoughts would be mainline trains run the loop, drop off and pick up blocks of cars and the yard originates 4 or 5 locals for switching the various areas. The runarounds on each branch aren't long enough that if every car needed to be picked up that one local could do it, it would probably take two.

As of right now, I'd say I'm 50/50 between this and the Marion Branch plan. On another front, I've put up solid hardboard sheets and still only have the 3 sections to do off of another one to give me some walls:

Once I get those other sections up, it'll be tape/mud/prime/paint and then it'll start to look like a room for a layout, just have to figure out which one.


Mike McNamara said...

So that staging is like a sliding drawer, with no turnouts? Pretty cool concept to employ, makes a lot of sense. Maybe you can combine it with vertical staging :-) I'm sure Bruce already has something drawn up!

Phil D said...

It would be a drawer Mike. As for vertical, Bruce and I talked about it with my N scale. The limiting factor is my main HVAC ducts are above this area so can't go too high with it.

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