Friday, August 12, 2016

Free Flowing Crossovers

Thursday night was supposed to be a "soccer team paperwork" night but since parents didn't give me all the information I needed, I ended up deciding to experiment with reducing the spacing of crossovers using a handful of turnouts I bought which were previously used. That's important because the first one I did was wrought with gobs of solder and solder rail joiners (PLEASE STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE!). Anyways, I dug out my Pelle Søeborg book, Rebuilding a Layout From A-Z, as I remembered he had an article in that. I followed his instructions except for one step, and it cost me some ties. Here's the first attempt:

Not bad, I could run a 53' box car through it no problem. I should've put flex or sectional pieces on the other sides just to see stability wise. This one took me like 30 minutes to do. The next one took me about 10 minutes and I decided to join them together.

There's a slight bend but that's probably to be expected since there aren't straights to anchor on either side. I tried to arrange them so the headblock would be in the right place but the other side was a cut soldered track joiner. I'll experiment a little bit more as I think there's going to be a set "cut here", take away this many ties type work as well as a little bit just getting used to cutting rail and ties smoothly. Of course, working with brand new fresh minted turnouts will probably help as well.


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