Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mansfield Updated Plan

So while I got the hardboard to finish the base of the switching layout but need a few free hours to finish the cuts for the switching layout as well as a family layout I promised I'd build with my daughter 2 years ago, I've been taking Bob Sprague's design for Mansfield based layout and transferring it over to Xtrkcad.

A couple things I noticed was I apparently gave Bob the wrong dimensions for the long wall. What I gave him was the length of the wall that I built. Unfortunately, I neglected to remember that I put the end wall inside that wall so the available length was 3.5" less. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it kept messing up my transfer measurements. Anyways, while doing this, I also kept looking at the Wooster switching area and felt I could "cram" a few more industries in there. An operationally interesting aspect of Wooster is for some reason CSX retained during my time frame about a 2 mile section of track that came off the Ft. Wayne line at CP Big Run. This was part of a longer line that ran apparently from Millersburg, Oh, through Wooster to Lodi, Oh. After much scrapping over the years, all that was left was this small branch line. In 2002, it was sold or leased over to RJ Corman but the operations were still the same, CSX would bring a train into Massillon and then enter the Ft. Wayne Line at CP Mace, travel to Wooster to CP Big Run to get up the little branch to server customers. Searching online, information from 2005 indicated the following customers:

  • Firto Lay
  • Advance Drain (plastic)
  • Midway Supply (pipe)
  • Buckeye Supply (pipe)
  • Wooster Iron & Metal (scrap metal)

Looks like most of these are still served in some manner, maybe not the two pipe ones unless they are a laydown area like for Advance Drain at the run around. I also think there is a grain elevator back there. Anyways, I decided I wanted to include this operation and have room in staging as CSX and ASRY could share the same staging track. I decided to remove "Ohio Power" and put in Frito Lay as the backdrop flat. This will make switching fun as there are specific spots for specific cars. I also added a track along the front that will serve two purposes, first a laydown area for one of the pipe vendors and then across the road an entrance to the scrap dealer. This will give 3 customers for the CSX local to serve. I also added a 3rd track through Wooster as there was a "siding" called the Wooster Industrial Lead on the Conrail ZTS that paralleled the mainlines which was used for access to these specific interchanges and industry leads.

Anyways, here's the updated plan:

While I'm building the little switching layout, I'm going to keep cleaning the basement up a little at a time (unless my local operating crew wants to come over for beers and trash bags). Hopefully come Labor Day weekend I can start construction using the same method as the switching layout, assuming my Crohn's is still under control then.


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