Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Family Layout Build

Feeling in the groove as my health improves, summer winds down, and honestly just taking the time to enjoy time with kids, I started with my oldest daughter building out the Model Railroader Family Layout series. I bought her an Emily train set a few years ago when the Worlds Greatest Hobby On Tour came to the Oaks, Pa., expo center in 2014. The family layout is a quick, easy way to get something down that's more than the standard oval. Here are some shots of the point to getting the track down:

Woodland Scenics grass mat with adhesive applied.

Foam with mat adhesive applied to it

Grass mat on top of foam with some weighting

Base that the foam/mat will sit in. A few 1x2s glued to a hardboard base.

Caulked down and weighted. It took overnight to adhere fully.

The track laid out and the mat scraped away where the caulk on the track will be applied and set.

Weigh down all the track!
Looks like as of this morning, the caulk finally took to the track and there's a good bond between it and the exposed mat. Now it's up to my daughter to design roads and select buildings to put on the layout and we'll go from there.


Mike McNamara said...

Nice! Hope your daughter enjoys it, and hopefully I'll see her at the open house in November!

Phil D said...

She is. We've got to get over to Sattlers or Yankee Dabbler for some build-ups to put down. She wants to paint the roads and get trees and stuff.

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